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Business can be simple. Life is short. Both should be fun! 


But, being First On The Beach is simply a metaphor for the control and freedom we're all seeking as business owners. And it's usually the last place we get to first because, all too often, we're too busy working in our business to find the time to plan our escape!

To make it possible, David and the team will help you focus on two things - MINDSET and EXECUTION; The first is understanding that your current thinking won't get you to where you want to go - that's part of the reason why you're not there yet! The second is knowing that, no matter how much you work on your thinking, if you fail to execute your plans, nothing will change.

We’re a team of highly professional individuals who have come together to share our wealth of experience with our clients as we help them move their businesses in the right direction. We’ve worked in wholesale and retail sales, manufacturing, and professional and service organisations.

Our clients include sole traders, small business owners and companies – from those just starting out to well established enterprises, and we’re passionate about understanding the unique business requirements of each one. In this way we tailor our services to help them achieve the most effective, long term outcomes.

In addition to the many resources you'll find here at First On The Beach, check out our other sites: Tracking Right where you'll find plenty of ideas and support for creating your own business systems, and DNG Technology where you'll get the most out of the latest innovations in technology.


At First On The Beach we design practical solutions, often ingenious, sometimes unorthodox, but always innovative!


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First On The Beach

286 Glen Osmond Road
Fullarton  South Australia  5063

Phone Local: 1300 377 172
(Int'l: +61 8 7078 0310)

Email: info@firstonthebeach.com


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