Introducing The Time 4 Life Project 


The Time 4 Life Project was first developed as a companion to the 20/20 Business System Program, so business owners and their teams could review and improve their own skills and effectiveness as they transformed their operations.

However, we received so many requests to make the information available to individuals that we've released it as a separate platform.

The Time 4 Life Project is designed to do three things -

1. Challenge your core beliefs and thinking on the true value of time

2. Clearly define the only filter you'll need to apply to achieve all your goals

3. And, only then, help you select the best tactics to employ on your journey

Time 4 Life is not about doing more, it’s about living more!

If you adopt the principles we've outlined, Time 4 Life will give you the edge when it comes to managing your life, and achieving the outcomes you desire.

But, a word of warning...

Like most things you'll encounter on your journey to being First On The Beach, the process of Time 4 Life is deceptively simple, but far from easy. Making it a way of life, your life, takes a level of focus, commitment and hard work that few people are prepared to invest.

Are you one of those people?


Select from two formats:

Time 4 Life - The Workshop

This highly interactive workshop will provide the foundations for significantly improving your productivity and effectiveness. Perfect as an introduction for your management group, a project team, or a cross section of staff. Check it out here

Time 4 Life - The Program

 A powerful, step-by-step Program to get you organised, to get you focused, and to help you achieve your goals. Check it out here.

We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit!


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