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Connect, Share & Grow!
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ok20/20 - Clarity for you and your business

okExperience exceptional peer support 

okThe chance to clearly define your issues

okBe held accountable

okShare your successes

okAnd just think BIGGER!

df insight mastermind 1Join David Floyd and a "team" of like-minded entrepreneurs who will help transform your business?

Joining The 20/20 Boardroom is a critical first step in getting you to the next level.

At First On The Beach we understand business – the pressures, the unique opportunities and the sheer hard work required to pull it all together.

The 20/20 Boardroom provides a professional, supportive and totally confidential forum in which you can address the significant issues you face every day.

Join The 20/20 Boardroom to be challenged, to improve your bottom line, to renew your passion, and to support and be supported in your quest to build a business that will not only thrive but, ultimately, can run without you – now that’s real FREEDOM!


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Why The 20/20 Boardroom Might Be Just What You Need

okGet Professional Feedback

Being a business owner can be lonely. We make decisions in the quiet of our offices, we connect with people behind emails and avatars. We don’t discuss new projects with our team, if we have one, because they’re focused on activity… not creating the vision.

But, in The 20/20 Boardroom you get to pitch your ideas to people who understand what’s going on in your world, because it’s their world too. Everyone in your group has access to a different skill set and network of people and resources. They’ll give you immediate feedback that’s based on solid experience. They’ll offer different perspectives which, whether you agree or not, will ensure you make truly informed decisions.

okLearn From Someone Who’s Already Done It

There’s no better teacher than one who’s already where you want to be. They’ve made the mistakes and, while that’s no guarantee you won’t make your own, you’ll get guidance on how to navigate the path ahead.

okClearly Define Your Issues

The biggest transformational changes in business don’t come from immediately seeking solutions, but by first clarifying the underlying problems. Our 20/20 Boardroom forums force you to define your business and personal issues clearly enough so you can explain them to someone else. Often this process itself reveals the most appropriate solutions, while helping your Boardroom colleagues to define their problems can also bring clarity to your own situation.

okShare Your Successes

There’s nothing more deafening than the silence of celebrating a victory alone.

Be they big or small, sharing your successes with a group that has a genuine interest in your success is very satisfying. Your fellow group members know your story and want to be part of the celebration. Why? Because they’ll have been on the journey with you! Plus, you’ll also share in their stories and successes – from the small to the truly transformational.

okBe Accountable

In the early days of business ownership, it can be exciting to have no one to report to, no one to tell you what you can or can't do, no one to tell you when something must be done. But after a while the motivation to complete your projects can change, your self-discipline can slide.

Your ‘why’ might still be strong but, if you reach a plateau, it’s easy to become complacent. That’s tough to do when you belong to The 20/20 Boardroom. You’ll be held accountable to the goals you set, to the undertakings you give. Simply knowing you have a regularly scheduled meeting with your peers will drive you to make real progress.

okThink Bigger

The 20/20 Boardroom is like having an objective board of directors, a team of success coaches and a peer advisory group all rolled into one. It’ll do wonders both for your business and for you, personally. You can't help but think bigger and stretch beyond your boundaries when surrounded by amazing people doing amazing things.

Growing within a group is not only more effective, it’s also a lot more fun!


But, a word of warning

Being part of The 20/20 Boardroom requires commitment, confidentiality, a willingness to both give and receive ideas and advice, and to support each other with total honesty, respect and compassion. Boardroom members act as catalysts for growth and transformation, play devil’s advocate and are supportive colleagues.


Find Out More - Limited Places Still Available

What The 20/20 Boardroom Is Not

It’s not a training class
While your group can arrange to bring in guest speakers and trainers from time to time, the focus of The 20/20 Boardroom is on the brainstorming and accountability support among members.

It’s not a group coaching session
The 20/20 Boardroom is all about the members sharing with each other, not about us coaching individuals in a group setting. You’ll get everyone’s feedback, advice and support and we’ll make sure everyone is heard.

It’s not a networking group
While you can share leads and resources with each other, it’s not the main reason we meet. However, through your connections within The 20/20 Boardroom, you’ll find plenty of joint venture, lead sharing and professional networking opportunities.



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Some FAQ's To Consider

Who's It For

You're an owner operator who knows it's time to move your business to the next level and beyond. You'll be carefully matched with other, like-minded members ensuring there are no potential conflicts - competitors, industry etc. Each 20/20 Boardroom group operates with from 6 to no more than 12 members, to ensure everyone achieves maximum benefit from the process.


Your 20/20 Boardroom Group meets once a month for half a day. Speakers are arranged as required and you have access to exclusive membership events. Additional one-on-one support is available, and members also make direct connections with each other as the need arises. 


Meeting locations will vary. Where appropriate, some meetings are held on-site at a member's business, allowing the whole group to really understand that member's issues.

How Long

The 20/20 Boardroom is an ongoing process to support you on your journey of transformation. Initially you commit for 12 months but, given the bonds you build within the group, you'll want to continue. From time to time members leave and they're replaced with people equally committed to helping everyone achieve their business and personal goals.

How Much

What's it worth to gain an instant network of like-minded and highly motivated people who are focused on your success as much as their own, and then have someone else coordinate and facilitate regular meetings between you and them? How about gaining the decades of experience that are unleashed in Mastermind? Just one piece of advice could transform your business and your life - but you receive that sort of advice on a regular basis.

To tailor your 20/20 Boardroom membership, simply get in touch and let's talk.

The Next Step...

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