2020 Business Core Elements

20/20 Business System

The Core Elements


Through the 20/20 Business Insight Assessment and our Discovery Session we'll get to know more about you and your business.

From there, we'll use the 20/20 Business Insight Workshop to dive deep into your operations so you can refine your Vision and identify and prioritise what steps to take next.

The Workshop, the review that follows, and the 20/20 Business Roadmap that we'll help you develop, will focus on the SIX CORE ELEMENTS that underpin every scalable, sustainable and sellable business.

Depending on your individual requirements, here are some of the specifics we'll get into...



The 20/20 Business Vision Matrix
Mindset 101 – The New Thinking for Success
Values, Passion and Purpose
Your Vision - Defining How Things Will Be
Setting Goals and Deciding Strategy and Tactics
Your Organisational Strategy
Measuring Progress – Your KPI’s
Dealing with Disruption
Commercial Partnerships
Enhancing Personal Effectiveness


Creating a High-Performance Environment
Embracing Change
Recruiting the Right People
Developing Trust and Communication
Position Agreements
Workforce Planning
Resourcing Your Team


Finance Management for Growth
Budgeting for Profit
Managing Cashflow
Key Financial Indicators
Dashboarding Your Business
Raising Equity and Investment
Leveraging Your Assets


Marketing & Sales

Understanding the Psychology of Your Market
Defining What Your Business Does
What Makes You Unique
Creating Your Brand
Your Marketing Strategy
Lead Generation and Conversion
Exceeding Customer Expectations
Creating Raving Fans
Servicing and Re-engaging Customers
Your Referral System


Creating a Business-Wide Systems Blueprint
Building Your Systems - Repeatable Processes and Procedures
Product Strategy and Development
Product Fulfillment
Maintaining Quality
Project Management


Understanding The Role of Technology
Identifying and Assessing Critical Capabilities
Budgets, Resources and Capacity
Your One Page Tech Strategy
Identifying Key Projects and Priorities
Developing Strategic Partnerships
Collaboration and Education
Continuous Innovation and Growth
(Check Out Technology Strategy)



STEP 1: Insight - Getting a real handle on where your business is today

See how it compares with the “best in market” and quickly discover which areas need the most urgent attention…

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