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A Technology Strategy To Drive Your Business Growth

2020 Business Core ElementsIn building a thriving and successful 20/20 Business, there’s a reason why we show technology as the foundation block on our Core Elements Wheel.

Today, technology is a critical function in every business no matter how large or small. Technology is not only a supporting function, helping to automate mundane tasks and repetitive processes, it’s also been integrated into literally every product and service.

Plus, technology allows you to reimagine interactions with customers that create unique experiences and reinforce your brand strength, and technology can free your team to create, connect and collaborate.

Even businesses that don’t consider themselves “high-tech” are increasingly leveraging technology to transform all aspects of their operations. Yet, many business leaders only manage technology as a technical function. Your technology systems, organisation and processes may be designed well technically but are often poorly aligned with the rest of your business. This creates conflict between what your business needs and what technology is actually delivering.

Research indicates the top three items business owners are grapling with are:

1. Integrating new technology with their existing IT infrastructure
2. A lack of internal resources capable of sourcing and supporting new technology solutions
3. Determining which solutions are the best fit for their business.

The answer? An integrated technology Strategy.

Creating Your Technology Strategy Roadmap

More than ever before, creating a lasting and competitive advantage hinges on having the correct technology in place to deliver operational excellence, innovation and agility.

With extensive expertise in both business growth and technology development, we can help you create and execute a fully integrated technology strategy. Our approach mirrors our proven 20/20 Business System process:

Tech 6 stages graphic

Step 1. DISCOVERY – Where It All Begins

Make a time when we can get together, either in person or on the phone, and we’ll guide you through some questions on your current thinking about technology and how it impacts your business. There’s no cost or obligation on either of us, but you’ll get a sense of what it’s like to work with us. You’ll get honest and direct feedback together with ideas on where to start with your technology strategy. If you want to take the process further we’ll make a time to start on a formal review.

Step 2. REVIEW – Aligning Your Business With Technology

We’ll start with a review of your mission, vision, goals and business strategy. This will highlight the implications for technology and what it needs to do to support your overall business strategy and deliver real, long-term value. Equally important is understanding your capabilities and how they can be enhanced by technology to form the basis for an expanded or even a completely new business model.

Step 3. INSIGHT – Analysing Your Existing Technology

We’ll assess your current technology environment, including your data centres, networks, equipment, documentation, and any use of cloud computing. Using a combination of online user surveys and in-person interviews we’ll also assess the health of your existing programs, sorting each major system by its importance to the business, its actual management value, and its technical quality. This quickly indicates which systems need cultivating, replacing, or upgrading.

We’ll also benchmark your technology spending and staffing levels, your use of outsourcing, and your current technology management practices. Finally, we’ll look at what new technology initiatives you’re already planning for the future.

Step 4. VISION – The Future of Technology In Your Business

This is the planning stage of your technology strategy, envisioning a future where technology, IT systems, people and processes are fully aligned with your business strategy. This step can also include sessions where we’ll explore “what’s possible” – to determine which new and innovative technologies could have most relevance to your business growth and success.

Step 5. ROADMAP – Defining Your Technology Strategy

We’ll work with you to build a unique, “live” and highly flexible technology strategy roadmap that defines what the future will look like, the major initiatives you’ll need to embark upon, and the priorities for their implementation. It’ll also include summaries and budget estimates for each stage.

Technology projects are likely to include systems for generating new business, upgrades and other improvements to your IT infrastructure, and changes to processes, technology governance, security and risk management programs. Change management at all levels of your business will also feature heavily.

Step 6. EXECUTION – Making It Happen

With your Technology Strategy Roadmap in hand, you're ready to achieve your unique business goals by harnessing innovative technology solutions. Of course, you can continue to partner with First On The Beach and we'll help you implement the systems and processes needed to realise your vision for a sustainable and scalable business.



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