Your Business is a SYSTEM

Your Business is a SYSTEM

Business Systems and Personal Systems create focus and, far from limiting you, allow you to be more creative!

When building a business system start from the following premise - as much as you love them, your staff are (or if you don’t have staff yet, they will be) absolutely inept. Assume they never remember, they don’t care about your profits and they are deaf, dumb and blind. This is obviously not true (we hope) and is not meant in a critical way. It simply describes a psychological mindset that will force you to create incredible systems.

Here’s a definition - A successful business system is a series of actions, ideas or information put together in a specific step by step order so that, when followed, a certain outcome is achieved. The result is measurable, repeatable and scalable, and has a direct and important impact on the success of your business.

There are plenty of examples of great business systems, but none more so than McDonalds. Whether you like what they deliver, the way they deliver it is consistent no matter where you are in the world.

Systems increase both the effectiveness and efficiency of a business because, to develop a system, you have to actually stop and think about what you’re doing and why. So, systemise everything in your business and script all the important areas. This includes the basic operational tasks like banking and cleaning as well as customer contact and sales. If you do it better than your staff, then record yourself, write down what you do and how you do it and then get everyone to do it that way.

Ultimately, you’re building your business to scale and sell – if it’s not systemised, it has no value.


David Floyd

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