Are You Productive or Just Busy?

Are You Productive or Just Busy?

The most productive people are not always busy people, they don’t need to be. But, when they are, they know exactly what they’re working on and why. Read the following statements and consider which group best describes how you operate. Is it time to make some changes?  


Productive   Busy
Thinks carefully before taking action   Usually acts first and thinks later
Only has a few priorities   Has heaps of competing priorities
Their to-do list is prioritised and achievable   Has a never ending to-do list
Only focuses on the most important task at any given time   Continually multitasks
Makes time for their top priorities   Complains they don’t have time
Manages their environment to minimise interruptions   Chaos is the normal operating method
Knows when to delegate, delay or dump a task   Takes on all responsibilities
Closes the door on distractions   Opens door to everyone and everything
Knows when to say “No”   Says “Yes” to every request
Allocates time for reflection and planning   Is too busy to plan beyond today
Is always aware of the big picture   Is submerged in the detail
Has clear goals and strategies   Doesn’t have goals, let alone strategies
Measures the quality of their output   Measures the input of their time
Their actions speak for them   Keeps telling others how busy they are
Is achievement focused   Is driven by activity
Learns from failures and improves future outcomes   Plays the victim and blames others
Takes steps to maintain a high energy level   Often feels burned out


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