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Why are some people more successful?
Why do they achieve more? Why do they have more?

Is it because they've worked out exactly what they want from life? Yes, they have a plan and that's part of what makes them different.

But they also understand how to order their lives so they focus only on the few important things that will get them to where they want to go, and beyond.

Anyone can do it - and we'll show you how.



SMP stressDoes This Sound Familar?

star aYou're often indecisive and struggle in deciding what you should be doing
star aYou're frustrated because you rarely, if ever, see the end of your To-Do list
star aYou regularly put off important tasks until the last minute, or even later!
star aYou find it hard to say NO, then feel trapped because you said YES
star aYou multi-task in the vain hope of being more productive - but it's not working
star aYou feel you're living your life based on other people's priorities
star aYou know there's a better way, but you just don't have the time to put it into place

In short, you're overwhelmed, overworked and overcommitted!

Program Outline

Time 4 Life is a powerful, step-by-step Program to get you organised, to get you results and to help you achieve your goals

We'll lay the foundations to help you take back control of your life and dramatically increase your productivity - not to do more, but to live more!. You'll do this by turning your intentions into actions, and your actions into outcomes.

We'll explore the two critical elements of Mindset and Execution. We'll walk you through the process of identifying, managing and improving these two core principles in your life.

We're not going to ask you to work longer or harder, that's the problem not the solution. Instead, we're going to fundamentally change the way you think and operate, developing a structure through which you'll deliver consistent outcomes in those areas of your life that really matter!

While you'll get the most out of the Program by working through each stage in order, you can jump in to any of the modules if there's a particular area causing you real concern.   


Mindset 101 

smp mindset

Understanding the nature of time
and the barriers to change.
Making choices that radically
improve your outcomes.
Developing self-discipline,
it's just a matter of habit.


smp goals

Sorting what's important
from everything else.
Knowing how to truly value the
different levels of work you do.
Putting the "Ready, Fire, Aim" process
back in the right order.


smp planning

Converting goals into actions
that generate real outcomes.
Setting and managing your
priorities - without the stress.
Understanding and leveraging your
'core productivity style'.



smp distractions

Eliminating time "wasters".
Understanding why we
procrastinate - sometimes it's OK!
Calculating your interruption
factor and using it properly.


smp systems

Making the best use of technology
to create consistent results.
Identifying the other tools
you need to define and manage
your goals, actions and outcomes.

Other People

smp other people

Creating valuable relationships.
Delegating without fear or favour,
while staying in total control.
Learning how to say NO
when it really counts.


Getting Organised

smp getting organised

Coping with information overload.
Adopting a closed door policy,
even when your door is open.
Having an environmental clean up,
your desk, your computer, your mind.

Meetings etc.

smp meetings

If you must have them - managing your
meetings for real outcomes.
Recognising and avoiding these
and the many traps you
and others set for yourself.

Putting It Together

smp all together

Finally recognising what's standing
in your way to supercharging
your productivity.
Accepting it's OK to ask for help.
Knowing this is a journey,
and it's only just begun...


What You Get

okYour First On The Beach Personal Productivity Assessment

Before you start, you'll complete the First On The Beach Productivity Assessment - it's like a effectiveness "medical". This will identify and assess where your strengths and weaknesses lie. We'll provide you with a detailed report and diagnosis, together with a prescription for getting you in shape to achieve real, life changing outcomes.   

 okShort, Powerful Video Lessons

No fluff, just practical insights designed to get you maximum results in minimum time. Watch and listen to transforming ideas delivered in bite-sized pieces that are easily digested and will trigger immediate action! 

 okProgram Workbook

Your own, downloadable workbook that allows you to record the key elements of the Program and then tailor the information to fit the life you want to lead.  

okPacked with Added Resources

In addition to the video lessons and your workbook, we've added plenty of supporting resources to make supercharging your productivity as easy as possible. You'll find session notes, background information, checklists, templates and reference links that will deepen your learning in the areas causing you greatest concern.

 okEntry to the Time 4 Life Online Community

You're not alone - join people on the same journey to exploding their productivity skills. You'll be able to network, brainstorm and share ideas, and get day-to-day support, answers and accountability! There'll be live sessions when we'll talk about what's working and not working for you, and we'll provide tailored solutions to keep you on track. 





Implement the strategies contained in the Time 4 Life Program and here's just some of what you'll achieve

okTake back control and eliminate those feelings of "overwhelm"

okEnd each day with literally nothing left to do!

okUnderstand the 4 stages of building powerful habits that will last a lifetime

okIdentify the 9 people you must fire from your life to really explode your productivity

okUse the IVU Method to determine what's really important and plan your actions accordingly

okPrioritise your actions using the D5 Process and you'll never go wrong.

okDeclutter your mind, your environment and your life

okUnderstand and control procrastination - it's not all bad!

okAccept that interruptions will happen, but know how to plan for them

okBecome a master at the art of delegation in 5 easy steps

okImplement the 9 ways to manage productive meetings

okStop multi-tasking - there is a better way

okLearn how to say NO, and mean it

okTry new things that will dramatically expand your comfort zone

okStop worrying about important things falling through the cracks


smp outcome images

What this Program is NOT about... 

In the Time 4 Life program there are two things you won't hear us talking about - the first is Time Management and the second is Work/Life Balance.

Firstly, there is no such thing as time management. Time is neither an asset nor a resource. It cannot be handled like money, information or even people. It cannot be spent, replenished, wasted or varied. Time is simply a measure - it's a constant, and has been since the universe was created.

In the case of you and I, time is a measure of our lives, from the moment we're born until the day we die. As such, it's our lives (and not our time) that we must manage.

The other mistaken belief is that creating Work/Life Balance is critical to our success. As Richard Branson said - "I don't think of work as work and play as play. It's all living".

To succeed, we need to control the myriad things that impact how we spend our lives - the plans and decisions we make, the actions we take and the people we interact with.

Only when we understand how these critical elements interact can we not only do more but, more importantly, live more!!. 


Who is this Program for?

Time 4 Life was first developed as a companion to the 20/20 Business Vision Program so business owners and their teams could review and improve their own skills as they transformed their operations.

However, we received so many requests from clients to make this information available to individuals that we've released it as a stand-alone program. If you've read the information above you already know if this program will give you the edge when it comes to managing your life, and achieving the outcomes you desire. But, a word of warning...

Like most things you'll encounter on your journey to being First On The Beach, the process of Time 4 Life is deceptively simple, but not easy. Making it a way of life, your life, takes a level of focus, commitment and hard work that only a few people are prepared to invest. Are you one of those people?


We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit!


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